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In the tradition of radical pamphleteering, Urban Pamphleteer confronts key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspectives. The intention is to stimulate debate, and in the process empower and inform citizens, professionals, researchers, institutions, and policy-makers, with a view to positively shaping change. Find out more here.


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May 26 2017 For and Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet

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Apr 28 01:53
RT @UCLurbanlab: Pioneering Indian feminist author and publisher Urvashi Butalia will deliver the 2017 Cities Imaginaries Lecture https://t…
Apr 20 01:01
RT @UCLurbanlab: Our campus development & urban regeneration short course is booking up fast. Extend your knowledge and sign on today https…
Apr 20 01:01
RT @LSEGeography: Don't miss 'Vertical: the city from satellites to bunkers' book launch w P. Adey, S. Graham, A. Harris & F. Tonkiss https…
Apr 20 01:01
RT @futurecityblog: .@UCLurbanlab Lecture by Christian Schmidt on the new vocabulary of #urbanisation - https://t.co/i9xZYK7OHI https://t.c…
Apr 20 01:01
RT @UCLurbanlab: Don't miss our event on urban qualities next week with Lee Polisano, Simon Kretz and more https://t.co/k8OJvtlbjN @Bartlet…
Apr 17 04:08
RT @UCLurbanlab: In the last decades, urbanisation has become a planetary phenomenon. Christian Schmid discusses this shift next week https…
Apr 10 06:41
RT @UCLurbanlab: Our new short course outlines how universities can contribute to wider urban regeneration development strategies https://t…
Apr 10 06:40
RT @AkilScafeSmith: Six eulogies for London at the 'Monuments Remember' exhibition at @BrixtonPoundCaf with @UCLurbanlab https://t.co/HhVPW…
Apr 04 07:34
RT @LSEReviewBooks: Engaged #Urbanism: 'An imaginative foray into challenging assumptions around #urban research' @UCLurbanlab https://t.co…
Mar 27 08:08
We distribute print copies of #UrbanPamphleteer free, but did you know you can donate to help keep us publishing? https://t.co/JxJD3GbDS8
Mar 24 01:03
Book now for the @Lboro_Uni_Arts conference on the #radical pamphlet. Of course, we'll be there! https://t.co/hVLvoW2Z9V @LboroAED
Mar 22 12:55
RT @UCLurbanlab: Urban Lab Films announce a special screening of award-winning documentary @CitiesofSleep on #homelessness in Delhi https:/…
Mar 22 10:23
RT @CurzonBbury: Brazilian filmmaker Kleber Mendonça Filho travels through time in his latest film #Aquarius opening this Friday https://t.…
Mar 20 08:32
RT @kerstinsailer: #SpaceSyntax seminar by @e9rul7 on Urban growth in Tirana will be postponed - we'll keep everyone posted of new date. ht…
Mar 17 11:24
RT @kerstinsailer: Next #SpaceSyntax seminar: @e9rul7 on Ideology & Urban Growth in Tirana, 21/3 4pm @BartlettArchUCL. All welcome! https:/…
Mar 17 11:22
RT @SophiaPsarra: Utterly, the city means freedom for women #women https://t.co/0HvdbynVfc
Mar 16 10:26
RT @adamkaasa: New event from @TheatrumM and @RCAarchitecture: Homeless by Design 22 March // @LSECities @LSEInequalities https://t.co/ypE…
Mar 09 07:54
RT @urbancommune: New blog: The Rio Olympic Games and Socio-spatial Injustice | openDemocracy https://t.co/vX5v91G3Zv @LSEGeogUPD @LSEGeogr…
Mar 09 09:19
RT @handsinmachines: .@BenCampkin and I will be speaking about @UrbanPamphlet at 'For & Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet' in May: ht…
Feb 28 05:48
RT @architect_d: Impressive presentation by @antievictionmap on Anti-eviction Mapping & The Housing Crisis #AEMPlondon last night https://t…
Feb 28 05:47
RT @PhilHubbard1: Great to hear Erin McElory last night on anti-eviction maps, racism, and tragedy of AirB&B/techno-dorm housing in SF http…
Feb 25 09:01
RT @ProfGillian: new post from me on the importance of culture to #smartcities and #urbanlivinglabs https://t.co/axmMqPCso4 @OU_FASS @digit…
Feb 24 12:36
RT @areem9127: #AEMPlondon @UrbanPamphlet post-AEMP SF talk last night, any organisations keen to collaborate on a London-wide mapping init…
Feb 24 12:36
RT @handsinmachines: Great to hear from and meet @antievictionmap in London yesterday, an incredible project! @UrbanPamphlet @UCLurbanlab
Feb 23 10:54
RT @LorettaCLees: #AEMPlondon great to finally meet @antievictionmap from San Fran tonight. Great work. https://t.co/RZBYP31HWC
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: Quite a lot on opposing AirBnB in SF, & the millions $$ used by them to fight back #AEMPlondon Ethnic/class compositio…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: Erin refers to YIMBY movement in SF #AEMPlondon False dichotomy NIMBY/YIMBY & simply maximising build (how like our ow…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @BenBeachos: Also well worth reading this by @antievictionmap + collaborators - https://t.co/teAQYmKSM7 #AEMPlondon
Feb 23 10:54
RT @BenBeachos: Mechanisms but successful strategies for resistance. Lots to note @radicalhousing - have a look!! https://t.co/i2AnsaH4ML #…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @BenBeachos: Really interesting research at #AEMPlondon tonight, extensive mapping of evictions in San Fran overlaid w oral histories; r…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: Comments from #radicalhousing @JustMapping @killthehousingact @JustSpace7 @handsinmachines #AEMPlondon
Feb 23 10:54
RT @areem9127: Is the regeneration of housing estates a real solution to the housing crisis or an extension of gentrification? #AEMPLondon
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: That was a great talk & show from Erin McElroy, SF #AEMPlondon Now discussion
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: #AEMPlondon has also mapped +ve places: struggles & victories; valued community assets. ("Boycott" is from a rent stri…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: Highly racialised eviction/displacement processes (& policing) in the report from SF #AEMPlondon Oral histories pop up…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: Tech communes and tech-dorms in previous HMOs now pepper Bay Area (after evictions of prior residents) #AEMPlondon Rev…
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: This is where you find these maps https://t.co/KrjycVyCnh #AEMPlondon
Feb 23 10:54
RT @michaellondonsf: Brilliant dynamic (animated) mapping of evictions in San Francisco #AEMPlondon Some linked to Tech-bus stops: silicon…
Feb 23 10:53
RT @justspace7: To follow Anti-eviction mapping event, follow #AEMPlondon Mapping against eviction, against speculative operations in San F…
Feb 23 10:53
RT @antievictionmap: Excited to present with @UrbanPamphlet #aemplondon https://t.co/i2kIsBwaDA
Feb 23 10:52
RT @London_360: @journobeth & @afiakufuor filming at @ucl's Anti-eviction mapping & the housing crisis seminar #aemplondon @antievictionmap…
Feb 23 12:14
RT @rodrigo_firmino: This is bloody serious, and just another chapter in the actions of an illegitimate ultra neoliberal government in Braz…
Feb 23 12:13
Copies of our sixth Pamphleteer will be available tonight! Use the hashtag #AEMPlondon if you're coming along >> https://t.co/D0vWfZFkyL
Feb 20 06:40
RT @ollywainwright: Watch @futurecityblog @hadriangarrard @spacestudios @veritykeefe battling over the #fundamentals of public art... https…
Feb 20 12:29
RT @antievictionmap: In Leeds today, Sheffield on the 22nd, and London on the 23rd! @UrbanPamphlet @FieldsDesiree @radicalhousing https:/…
Feb 19 11:26
RT @AdaColau: Proud of a city that loves life and turns fear into hope. Today Barcelona told the world #VolemAcollir #WeWANTtoWelcome https…
Feb 16 11:18
RT @veritykeefe: Twitter, a question please: The future of Public Art is.................
Feb 15 10:42
RT @UCLurbanlab: "If you think about where architectural knowledge resides, it is in the built fabric, but also the published form" https:/…
Feb 15 10:41
RT @UCLurbanlab: Call for Papers in memory of Prof. Dr. Maider Uriarte Idiazabal (1981-2016) https://t.co/VfYMpdIEmh
Feb 14 04:14
RT @UCLurbanlab: #EngagedUrbanism is out now https://t.co/2Dd9N2Khy3 our handbook of urban research methods https://t.co/VN5vpzzOza
Feb 14 04:04
RT @KatAScott: Found this while researching. @Potus this might be some nice Sunday reading for you before another busy week https://t.co/2z…
Feb 14 04:03
RT @UCLurbanlab: Seminar 23/02: Anti-eviction mapping and the housing crisis https://t.co/sNNg0erRQG @UrbanPamphlet
Feb 12 08:57
RT @UCLurbanlab: Throwback to our incredible evening with Mark Fisher for Stadtklang in 2015. RIP - his students have created this >> https…
Feb 11 01:02
RT @Genderintell: .@theAoU is running a #MYQueerCity workshop on LGBTQ+ inclusion in urban design & planning in Feb: https://t.co/IqalOEc68A
Feb 10 09:17
RT @meatspacepress: @UrbanPamphlet Readers of Pamphlet #1 may also be interested to see 'Our Digital Rights to the City' https://t.co/NesIP…
Feb 09 07:31
Three years of Urban Pamphleteer https://t.co/vnHm8MtCVq https://t.co/3xB1J1HfFt
Feb 07 03:51
Places going quick! Grab tix for our seminar with @antievictionmap on #opensource and the #housingcrisis… https://t.co/PHWpwYtmBn
Feb 07 01:54
RT @AndrewSparrow: Javid says immigration not to blame for the housing crisis - https://t.co/fhvJHJMeOE
Feb 07 01:53
RT @CommunitiesUK: Read ‘Fixing the broken housing market’, our #HousingWhitePaper https://t.co/mHH1PtSFec https://t.co/y1iA18Ga67
Feb 01 11:46
RT @Pacioz: Fabulous to see a worthy #urban #critique publication with its own website. Bravo @UrbanPamphlet - https://t.co/IqGzgQeLiD cc:…
Jan 30 12:17
Registration open for our event next month // Anti-eviction mapping and the housing crisis https://t.co/D0vWfZFkyL… https://t.co/YEZK2KBSnR
Jan 29 03:49
RT @JustinTrudeau: To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our stren…
Jan 26 11:13
RT @UCLurbanlab: into even more exclusive and divided enclaves for the super-rich 2/2 #SituatingArchitecture
Jan 26 11:13
RT @UCLurbanlab: Christoph Lindner: High Line has caused 'supergentrification': a hype-driven process where gentrified neighbourhoods are r…
Jan 25 09:55
Tinder for cities: how tech is making urban planning more inclusive https://t.co/0CGdo4U9Z7
Jan 24 04:46
RT @selondonjournal: Head to our Kickstarter campaign to keep The Journal in print! https://t.co/jL9dR0vCJ8
Jan 24 04:36
Issue #6 Open-source Housing Crisis is now in stock at @UCLBartlettLib. Check out back issues too @UCLLibraries https://t.co/hJzE0C89Fo
Jan 23 04:57
The return of the political pamphlet via @TheEconomist https://t.co/2wOMDLCYAN
Jan 20 06:01
Caren Levy presents her #UrbanPamphleteer article at #UrbARC. Read for free in issue 5 https://t.co/Mh2VoyVwkI https://t.co/ABGQUd5N8n
Jan 20 01:15
#UrbanPamphleteer contributor @cplindner is in London next week, speaking at @UCLurbanlab on NYC's High Line https://t.co/RbhW6rVGl1
Jan 11 11:10
RT @IsobelRoutledge: Have just discovered @WikiHouse via @UrbanPamphlet. What an awesome,empowering concept!
Jan 08 03:38
You can now donate to help us continue publishing! We would really appreciate it >> https://t.co/JxJD3GbDS8 #radicalpamphleteering
Jan 06 03:14
Recommended read >> Timescapes of Urban Change: postcards from regeneration in Barcelona and London https://t.co/awShnzQUHK
Dec 23 01:42
RT @handsinmachines: .@csmgraphics is recruiting 2 x MA Graphic Communication Design Year Leaders: https://t.co/xxCCTBy54R
Dec 11 06:56
RT @Thomas_Raccoon: "We should get used to the idea that a city is a leveraging machine to create inequalities @chakrabortty #EngagedUrbani…
Dec 11 06:55
RT @bdevilat: Happy to see my contribution at the launch of 'Engaged Urbanism: cities & methodologies' Book @UCLurbanlab @TheBartlettPhD wi…
Nov 30 04:24
RT @QMULGeography: @UrbanPamphlet @tomslater42 @eventbrite it's on Wednesday 30th Nov