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In the tradition of radical pamphleteering, Urban Pamphleteer confronts key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspectives. The intention is to stimulate debate, and in the process empower and inform citizens, professionals, researchers, institutions, and policy-makers, with a view to positively shaping change. Find out more here.


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Feb 13 09:18
At @UCLurbanlab and @MuseumofLondon’s #QueerSalon listening to a conversation between @PlanningOut and… https://t.co/GXwJAQUmHm
Feb 11 12:26
Copies of Urban Pamphleteer will soon be stocked in the @ArkDesC library, thanks to an initiative by Studio Nock to… https://t.co/UPlcJf2dzp
Feb 03 09:56
RT @UCLurbanlab: Mark the date! Conference and exhibition of innovative @BartlettUCL PhD research projects from 20 Feb https://t.co/Jwu1TYd…
Feb 03 09:55
RT @UCLurbanlab: Join us to help write an LGBTQ+ community response to the draft New London Plan https://t.co/VQtyeiVuyZ
Feb 03 09:55
RT @UCLurbanlab: London screening announcement coming soon via the Urban Circular đź‘€ Subscribe: https://t.co/cJVhJR7Efb https://t.co/0a8rScR…
Feb 03 09:55
RT @UCLurbanlab: February is @LGBTHM and we have a number of events that look ahead to the future of queerness in the city → https://t.co/X…
Feb 03 09:55
RT @UCLurbanlab: Urban Circular: Berlin's distinctive plantlife, the London Plan, and art festivals in the city - https://t.co/BhXpd53Ipd
Jan 11 09:14
RT @UCLurbanlab: Programme announced for our fabulous evening of queer night scenes @MuseumofLondon on 13 Feb *tickets now available* http…
Nov 27 01:17
RT @jordanmjrowe: Great to see @UrbanPamphlet as part of this project at @ArkDesC https://t.co/VQaKvtprTB
Oct 23 03:10
RT @UCLurbanlab: Urban Circular newsletter from UCL Urban Laboratory featuring urban event listings from across London - https://t.co/CTsN…
Sep 11 01:21
Walking tour of Bloomsbury's ubiquitous railings @bloomsburyfest by @matthewingleby https://t.co/Au38gdhAvN Article in UP3 on this subject
Sep 11 09:39
RT @SladeSchool: We're looking forward to welcoming @jeremydeller for a keynote lecture this Thursday @ucl with @FstoneTriennial https://t.…
Sep 11 09:39
RT @BenCampkin: Excited to chair #EdgeGateway panel on #Bloomsbury / #Kingscross on Thurs @handsinmachines @Ooze_eva @jankatteinarch https:…
Aug 31 01:27
RT @UCLurbanlab: We are screening the stunning FINISTERRE - a hymn to London from the suburbs to the city - on 8 September. Tickets → https…
Aug 24 07:09
RT @OpenCityDocs: Join us for the launch of Edge at @horsehospital, a film series about areas where the privileged meets the ignored https:…
Aug 07 11:29
We used this as the back cover to our last issue on the housing crisis. Take a read here: https://t.co/6huALzMJeR https://t.co/EEmyb9f0F2
Aug 06 01:06
RT @guardian: You must open a gay venue in office complex, planners tell developers https://t.co/PS5zUWkPUI
Jul 21 11:41
RT @offfbrand: @UrbanPamphlet @LocalHeroesScot @RealFdn https://t.co/8FuOTVl7ol
Jul 14 10:36
RT @shaunafscott: @projectdirt @peoplesbiz @edencommunities @ComChanTV @localitynews @GreggsCharity @PlunkettFoundat @crowdfunderuk @sscene…
Jul 06 11:18
RT @UCLurbanlab: London LGBTQ+ venues have more than halved in past decade, our new report published today confirms https://t.co/kFCdJbno0N…
Jul 05 02:50
RT @UCLurbanlab: EDGE: a trio of events exploring situated practice in art, architecture and urbanism. Tickets now available → https://t.co…
Jul 01 05:10
RT @michaellondonsf: Long profile today of @emmadentcoad our former student, now MP for Kensington https://t.co/ALulyE5heG Proud @BartlettU…
Jun 27 06:53
RT @BenCampkin: Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? https://t.co/oi8zvD1Fyt
Jun 20 04:36
RT @radicalhousing: OUR PIECE in the Guardian - we must value council housing again and the people who live in it. Pls share. https://t.co/…
Jun 14 03:28
RT @emmadentcoad: At the Grenfell Tower operations site. If you wish to donate to families who have lost everything please dig deep: https:…
Jun 14 10:53
RT @davidjmadden: Just as, per Amartya Sen, famines don't occur in democracies, catastrophic fires don't occur in well-funded, well-managed…
Jun 13 01:28
RT @we_made_that: We're looking for an Urban Research Assistant. Want to know more? COME AND MEET US! 4-7.30pm, Wed 14th June https://t.co/…
Jun 13 12:52
"The pamphlet lives in the world": @theQuietus report on the #ForandAgainst symposium and market we participated in https://t.co/MJa9xlRGYb
Jun 12 03:54
RT @UCLurbanlab: What we learned this weekend. Map of Hackney Wick and Fish Island. Red = new/upcoming/proposed developments. Shocking rate…
Jun 12 06:47
RT @UCLurbanlab: Urban Circular: June 2017 - https://t.co/IrpCDAECPo
Jun 10 09:01
Congratulations to @UrbanPamphlet author @emmadentcoad MP for her spectacular win in #Kensington!
Jun 08 04:28
If you're going to the #UrbanLabFilms screening of Oslo, August 31st at @ICALondon today, why not pick up a copy of… https://t.co/8IZNLguQzO
Jun 07 08:45
RT @thinkingcity: Neuro-architecture: the hidden ways the built environment affects how you feel (@BBC_Future) (h/t @RachelAFisher) https:/…
May 30 09:17
Thanks for the write-up and photo of our stall on Saturday, run by @jordanmjrowe and Rachel Tyler! https://t.co/gctCckCCHT @Lboro_Uni_Arts
May 30 09:14
RT @UCLurbanlab: "Queer and trans women are essential to Indian feminism": Urvashi Butalia in @guardiang2 on her Urban Lab lecture https://…
May 29 12:46
Watch @BenCampkin + @handsinmachines talk #UrbanPamphleteer​ at the #ForAndAgainst symposium at @Lboro_Uni_Arts https://t.co/pCf9oXaW83
May 27 12:23
Brisk business on the #UrbanPamphleteer stall. We're in Queen's Park, Loughborough until 3pm today #ForAndAgainst… https://t.co/uav1zN1x8K
May 27 10:42
We're in #Loughborough today, at the #ForAndAgainst Pamphlet Day! Come see us in Queen's Park! https://t.co/7082CTP5iD
May 26 05:23
We're in #pamphlet heaven! #ForAndAgainst exhibition launch at @CharnwoodMuseum, highlighting centuries of the radi… https://t.co/cFy6fjPPjQ
May 26 11:55
RT @jordanmjrowe: #ForandAgainst: Politics intwined with the pamphlet? Created to inform, debate and convince. https://t.co/VYBfz7avLA
May 26 11:52
Joanne Lee: I want both 'this and that', not 'either or' #ForAndAgainst
May 26 11:51
Joanne Lee from @SHU_Graphics and creator of Pam Flett Press on being both #ForandAgainst - there is a value to try out multiple positions.
May 26 11:41
.@chunkymark: "It's not what's in the news, it's what's not in the news" Is this the space the pamphlet fills? #ForandAgainst
May 26 11:16
No matter how few people you reach, there is value in producing pamphlets, as it can have an influence #ForandAgainst
May 26 11:11
RT @na_slater: Ben Campkin from @UCLurbanlab talking about the #urbanpamphleteer #for&against @Lboro_Uni_Arts https://t.co/VSHpzTuqvZ
May 26 11:10
.@chunkymark: "Anyone can be a Pamphleteer." It can give a voice to those not represented by mainstream media #ForandAgainst
May 26 11:00
Updated link: watch a live stream of #ForandAgainst at @Lboro_Uni_Arts today. https://t.co/CokGIKYTX3 @LboroAED
May 26 10:53
The Artist Taxi Driver uses videos as a visual medium of a pamphlet #ForAndAgainst
May 26 10:51
Keynote by @chunkymark: pamphleteer is about getting people to vote. "I made this video today" https://t.co/8T3Wu9ctRQ
May 26 10:47
Originally three issues, we are experimenting with how to sustain the pamphlets long-term. Website is one way https://t.co/tjIflf7fm4
May 26 10:44
How might academic integrity be married with greater engagement with publics? We think the pamphlet is one answer #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:43
Rebecca Ross: We challenge academic contributors to write accessible (but not reductive) short articles, v diff from journal publication s
May 26 10:39
ROOF, a pamphlet by @Shelter, was produced to expand discourse on housing policy and influence politicians #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:38
In the 1920s and 30s, pamphlets highlighted poor quality housing and slums, with visual essays that displayed the issues #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:35
Ben Campkin: Pamphlets can't change policy on there own, but can create pressure by circulating new thinking on diff. issues #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:34
RT @UCLurbanlab: What is the historical significance of #pamphleteering? Tune in now to hear @UrbanPamphlet at #ForandAgainst https://t.co/…
May 26 10:34
We're interested in how pamphlets historically have instigated urban change #ForandAgainst https://t.co/ZGhu2W92D6
May 26 10:32
Regeneration Realities coincided with a Greater London Authority consultation on regeneration #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:29
Future & Smart Cities was our first issue, and opened up debate over definition of future cities as a 'market opportunity' #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:28
Ben Campkin: The pamphlet is an unstable form of publication in a way, but attractive as it is flexible and doesn't sit in one category.
May 26 10:26
Urban Pamphleteer began in 2013 as a collaboration between @BenCampkin and @handsinmachines, with designer @GuglielmoRossi #ForAndAgainst
May 26 10:22
We've been moved early in the schedule. Tune in now to hear us on the historical significance of #pamphleteering https://t.co/TrVFmqftSQ
May 26 10:20
The pamphlet is DIY, cheap to produce and distribute, used to get across radical POVs #ForandAgainst
May 26 10:19
Gillian Whiteley from @LboroAED introduces #ForandAgainst: "it's about declaring your position, very relevant in co… https://t.co/XLm3XD7cYI
May 26 10:00
You can watch a live stream of #ForandAgainst at @Lboro_Uni_Arts today. Keynote by @chunkymark from 11.15am https://t.co/TrVFmqftSQ
May 26 09:43
RT @jordanmjrowe: En route through the shires to @Lboro_Uni_Arts for #ForandAgainst symposium with @UrbanPamphlet. https://t.co/kvGh8iezH2
May 26 08:06
#radicalpamphleteering: On our way up to Loughborough for #ForandAgainst. We'll be live tweeting later. Here's the… https://t.co/G9GghFo1Hy
May 25 09:36
RT @handsinmachines: Excited to talk @UrbanPamphlet tomorrow with @BenCampkin at the #ForAndAgainst symposium at @Lboro_Uni_Arts: https://t…
May 25 11:23
RT @UCLurbanlab: Urban Lab Films screen Oslo, August 31st with the filmmakers and @NorwayinUK at @ArchFilmFestUK on 8 June @ICALondon https…
May 24 03:27
RT @UCLurbanlab: CITIES OF SLEEP: Excited to be screening this remarkable film at @BerthaDocHouse tomorrow evening https://t.co/bkxALJy0I8…
May 24 02:06
RT @Lboro_Uni_Arts: Super symposium @fearon_hall16 #Loughborough, exploring #curation, #SocialMedia & #urban space @UrbanPamphlet https://t…
May 18 09:28
RT @systemslocalgov: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet events @Lboro_Uni_Arts https://t.co/MweeZbsrcb
May 18 09:28
RT @mika_savela: Back in Helsinki, happy to find a copy of #UrbanPamphleteer on my doorstep @urbanpamphlet @UCLurbanlab https://t.co/JQmVCR…
May 17 11:12
#Loughborough next week: We'll be talking radical pamphleteering on Friday and running a market stall on Saturday… https://t.co/twlezrud4k
May 17 11:05
RT @UCLLHL: Only 40% of Londoners will own a home by 2025 - what does this mean for "Generation Rent"? Find out tmrw #UCLLHL https://t.co/s…
May 17 11:03
RT @thinkingcity: Look forward to @ICALondon event tonight on urban planning as social cleansing - have a spare ticket if anyone keen https…
May 17 11:03
RT @urbancommune: @theurbansalon @KCLGEOGRAPHY This is the book the next @theurbansalon event tomorrow 17-May is to discuss. The event deta…
May 11 06:02
RT @UCLurbanlab: The May edition of the #UrbanCircular is here. Lots of #urbanism events around London this month and next https://t.co/yQb…
May 04 09:48
RT @livingmaps: An interview with Iain Sinclair: https://t.co/UYs0kQiUEO @BBCRadio4
May 04 09:48
RT @AnnaUlrikkeA: Have a look at the programme @ICALondon. Excited to be curating a session "From Above" with work by @_olliepalmer @MaxCol…