Urban Pamphleteer
10 Museums, Cities and Cultural Power
9 Reimagining the Night
1 Ireland, dancing and give us the night
4 It's not gonna be tonight
6 Agitators and shape-shifters of the night
8 Londinium
9 Homemade mutant hope machines: reimagining urban nights from the grassroots
11 Summer evenings with Lena Évora
14 On Night-bound alienation
16 Night walking in Lisbon during the pandemic
20 Reimagining Rotterdam's nightlife
23 Controlling police activity in a pandemic context
26 Nite
27 The augmented city: nocturnal platform labour under Covid-19 conditions in Berlin
31 Zing Ting
32 Night-time sex work under Covid-19 conditions
35 Going out is a need
37 Began in Fabric
8 Skateboardings
1 Find a Curb
3 Towards Inclusive Skate Scholarship and Activism
6 City Mill Skate: Skateboarding, Architecture and Community
9 To Be Read / Allowed
11 Towards Radical Empathy
13 Feint Lines: Notes on the Creation of a Skateboard Choreography
18 Queering Skateable Space: How Dispersing Skatespots Defuses Toxic Masculinity
21 2025: Skating the Smart City
23 Skateboarding and Mobility: Felipe Nunes interviewed by Ben Ruben
26 Crystal Palace Skatepark: Complexity and Contradiction
30 Instaposts
32 Skateboarding into the Sun
34 Can Skateboarders in Nottingham be Good Partners to the City Without Being 'Shock Troops of Gentrification'?
38 Like a Dog
40 Long Live Southbank
›  What is a Skate Dot (poster insert)
7 LGBTQ+ Night-time Spaces: Past, Present & Future
1 Political Protest and LGBTQIA+ Spaces
5 The Only One
8 Centre in Pieces: Lessons From the London Lesbian and Gay Centre
12 Witnessing London's Queer Nightlife
15 What are Queer Spaces for Anyway?
17 They Only Want Us When We Are Not There
19 LGBTQ+ Night Scenes in London
22 Queer Stages: LGBTQ+ Venues, Drag Performance, and Hope
25 Drag's Humour Should Be at the Expense of Gender, Not Women
28 D/E/A/T/H D/R/O/P
29 After the After-Party
31 Sex and Inaccessible Queer Venues
32 Friends of the Joiners Arms: a Sort of Victory?
35 A Vision for Queer Cultural Spaces in London
6 Open-source Housing Crisis
6 On open building, self-building & self organising: reflections on WikiHouse
13 Questions for WikiHouse
14 Finding space to house urban communities
17 Pocket living, as one type of solution for London's housing crisis
19 Ingot: architect-as-financier
22 A leaks platform for the built environment professions in London
28 The balcony broadcasting company (BBC) presents 'I heard it on the washing line'
32 Mortgage = death pledge
33 Performing architecture
5 Global Education for Urban Futures
1 Urban governance as a pedagogic tool in the Asian context
3 Towards a reflexive critical urban pedagogy
5 Getting the education for the city we want
8 Finding ‘community’, and other critical words
11 Reclamation of building materials
14 Performative urban education
17 Constructing cultural territory
19 Let’s play dinner: a board game as a learning platform between politics, academia and everyday life
23 The Babel project: towards an urban education startup
26 E:Studio
29 The collaborative and polycentric governance of the urban and local commons
32 Learning with and from each other
35 Five principles for de-centred urban learning
38 Strategic urban partnerships for change
40 Learning through mapping
43 A six-fold mandate for an engaged urban design — research education
46 Critical learning in the studio. A pedagogical note
48 Practice orientation in urban education
4 Heritage & Renewal in Doha
1 Intervention urbanism: the delicacy of aspirational change in the old centre of Doha
4 The other real Doha
6 In the light of day
8 The paradox of Msheireb
10 In search of Doha’s public realm
13 Old Doha: reading the city
16 Reconciling heritage & profit
18 Energising heritage: cultural relations & the old Doha prize
20 Regenerating Doha’s old city centre
22 Al-Asmakh: a disappearing neighbourhood
25 Tea & Sympathy
29 Recognising difference: University public engagement in London & Qatar
31 Recording a forced exodus
33 Roundabouts abound no more: a eulogy
35 Global heritage: shared legacies of modernist planning between Qatar & the UK
3 Design & Trust
1 Railings in Vanity Fair
3 Urban transparency: See, be
9 De-sexualising public space through ‘restoration’
15 Arsenal kicks: reclaiming Elthrone Park
18 Fortress Britain
20 Securing the past in the present
23 Home sweet resilience: lessons from shebeens
›  City of walls
›  Urban security and the ‘tricks’ of endurance
31 Enjoy this estate
33 What could banks learn about community from ATM criminals?
35 Networking urban security
2 Regeneration Realities
1 Dan Chatterton: Remembering a radical pamphleteer
3 Conserving living buildings
5 Heygate Estate sketches
6 The social cleansing of council estates in London
11 The certainty of uncertainty
13 Well-being and regeneration: reflections from the Carpenters Estate
›  How to get the most from collaboration between community & activist groups & university staff & students
18 Place branding agency
20 Mapping regeneration grievances in London 1998–2012
22 Regenspiel
23 Place imaginaries
24 A call for longitudinal regeneration research
28 Astate
›  How should London’s regeneration move forward?
1 Future & Smart Cities
1 Beyond quantification: we need a meaningful smart city
4 Is London the first future city?
6 On the search for space in the digital city: a dispatch from Granary square
9 Fantasies of friction-free consumption: locating consumers
11 Underglow
12 Magical digital?
13 System city: urban amplification and inefficient engineering
14 Smart cities and slowness
17 A mobilisation of walking: GPS technology and the exploratory urban walker
20 Is the future of cities the same as their past?
23 Grindr guys: scrolling as the new strolling
26 Beyond smart cities: rethinking urban technology from a city experience perspective

Regeneration Realities

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