Urban Pamphleteer
6 Open-source Housing Crisis
6 On open building, self-building & self organising: reflections on WikiHouse
13 Questions for WikiHouse
14 Finding space to house urban communities
17 Pocket living, as one type of solution for London's housing crisis
19 Ingot: architect-as-financier
22 A leaks platform for the built environment professions in London
28 The balcony broadcasting company (BBC) presents 'I heard it on the washing line'
32 Mortgage = death pledge
33 Performing architecture
5 Global Education for Urban Futures
1 Urban governance as a pedagogic tool in the Asian context
3 Towards a reflexive critical urban pedagogy
5 Getting the education for the city we want
8 Finding ‘community’, and other critical words
11 Reclamation of building materials
14 Performative urban education
17 Constructing cultural territory
19 Let’s play dinner: a board game as a learning platform between politics, academia and everyday life
23 The Babel project: towards an urban education startup
26 E:Studio
29 The collaborative and polycentric governance of the urban and local commons
32 Learning with and from each other
35 Five principles for de-centred urban learning
38 Strategic urban partnerships for change
40 Learning through mapping
43 A six-fold mandate for an engaged urban design — research education
46 Critical learning in the studio. A pedagogical note
48 Practice orientation in urban education
4 Heritage & Renewal in Doha
1 Intervention urbanism: the delicacy of aspirational change in the old centre of Doha
4 The other real Doha
6 In the light of day
8 The paradox of Msheireb
10 In search of Doha’s public realm
13 Old Doha: reading the city
16 Reconciling heritage & profit
18 Energising heritage: cultural relations & the old Doha prize
20 Regenerating Doha’s old city centre
22 Al-Asmakh: a disappearing neighbourhood
25 Tea & Sympathy
29 Recognising difference: University public engagement in London & Qatar
31 Recording a forced exodus
33 Roundabouts abound no more: a eulogy
35 Global heritage: shared legacies of modernist planning between Qatar & the UK
3 Design & Trust
1 Railings in Vanity Fair
3 Urban transparency: See, be
15 Arsenal kicks: reclaiming Elthrone Park
18 Fortress Britain
20 Securing the past in the present
23 Home sweet resilience: lessons from shebeens
›  City of walls
›  Urban security and the ‘tricks’ of endurance
31 Enjoy this estate
33 What could banks learn about community from ATM criminals?
35 Networking urban security
2 Regeneration Realities
1 Dan Chatterton: Remembering a radical pamphleteer
3 Conserving living buildings
5 Heygate Estate sketches
6 The social cleansing of council estates in London
11 The certainty of uncertainty
13 Well-being and regeneration: reflections from the Carpenters Estate
›  How to get the most from collaboration between community & activist groups & university staff & students
18 Place branding agency
20 Mapping regeneration grievances in London 1998–2012
22 Regenspiel
23 Place imaginaries
24 A call for longitudinal regeneration research
28 Astate
›  How should London’s regeneration move forward?
1 Future & Smart Cities
1 Beyond quantification: we need a meaningful smart city
4 Is London the first future city?
6 On the search for space in the digital city: a dispatch from Granary square
9 Fantasies of friction-free consumption: locating consumers
11 Underglow
12 Magical digital?
13 System city: urban amplification and inefficient engineering
14 Smart cities and slowness
17 A mobilisation of walking: GPS technology and the exploratory urban walker
20 Is the future of cities the same as their past?
23 Grindr guys: scrolling as the new strolling
26 Beyond smart cities: rethinking urban technology from a city experience perspective

Future & Smart Cities

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