The Experimental and Prospective

Sep 30 2020
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Prospectives is to be the first academic journal published by The Bartlett School of Architecture for decades.

LOBBY was one of the most prominent and experimental student-led magazines of the last decade to emerge from students of the Bartlett. Urban Pamphleteer is one of the most diverse and collaborative magazines on urbanism run by staff at The Bartlett and Central St Martins.

Regner Ramos, the ex-Editor-in-Chief of LOBBY, now Associate Professor at University of Puerto Rico, Mollie Claypool, Managing Editor of Prospectives and Lecturer in Architecture at The Bartlett, and Professor Ben Campkin, co-editor of Urban Pamphleteer (with co-editor Dr Rebecca Ross, Central Saint Martins, and designer Guglielmo Rossi) come together for this event in conversation around what it means to challenge existing cultural conceptions and biases of/within publishing in architecture through format and content, discussing each project’s history and impact, and how student’s might get involved in architecture publishing platforms through conversation and interaction during the event with the speakers and each other.

Part of the Bartlett Together festival. The event will also serve as the Bartlett launch of Prospectives online.